Nokia X2-01 iSync Plugin

We have had a reader submission of a plugin for the Nokia X2-01. Thanks to Bruno!

As with previous plugins, it should be compatible with iSync 2.3 and later.


There are two download alternatives: if you know how to install the plugin manually you can download the plugin on its own (it needs to be copied to the /Library/PhonePlugins folder on your computer; create the PhonePlugins folder if it doesn’t exist already), otherwise choose the Installer Package and it will be installed automatically.

Once the plugin has been installed, pair the phone and computer over bluetooth, launch iSync, and add the phone by clicking “Add Device…” under “Devices” in the menubar.

Remember to backup your data before syncing the devices.

Automatic installation:

Installer Package

Manual installation:

Plugin only

If you have any comments or feedback on how the plugin works for you, please let us know by commenting below. Enjoy!